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Comments policy

I welcome and encourage comments. However, I reserve the right to delete any comment containing:

  • Spam or advertising
  • Comments about or links to off-topic subjects
  • Obscene or threatening language
  • Ad hominem attacks or insults
  • Personal information published without consent
  • Material that violates intellectual property rights

Sample policy

I accept samples of wine, food, books and wine- or food-related products, and will disclose in any blog posts that free samples were received. However, I will only write about what I like. I maintain no fixed response schedule, and no feedback is provided beyond what might be written on the site.

Note that this blog is not about reviews, it’s about sharing my favorite wines, places to drink it, and food to go with it. If I don’t like something or somewhere, I don’t write about it. However, just because I don’t write about something doesn’t mean it’s “bad” – only that it’s not to my taste (or possibly I’m just really busy and will get to it eventually).

If you agree with this sample policy, please contact ilona at theterroiriste dot com for a delivery address and shipping instructions.

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